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Some of the Frequently asked questions

Book an appointment with one of our counselors will help you identify a university that is within your budget.
If you did not meet the criteria for university of choice, one of our counselors will help you identify another university that can allow the grades you got.
It is possible however you would need to book an appointment and come and visit us so that we can investigate further and explore your options.
No it is not a requirements as most of our universities teach in English.
Come to our offices for consultation and one of our counselors will investigate if we work with any of the universities and country of your choice.
Yes we do. We have visa officers who will help you compile and submit the right documentation for you to apply for the student visa.
We conduct virtual meetings via Zoom, Skype and Google Meet
We could investigate the education background from your country and you would need to give us full details and education documents and email address so we can help with application process through virtual meetings such as Zoom, Skype & Google Meet.
Yes.Most of countries allow students to work part time jobs as they study.Our counselors will provide you with the rundown of the logistics and legalities of working in some of the most popular countries for study abroad.
We assist students choose suitable accommodation whether on or off campus give them information on the type of accommodation and facilities available.
All universities and colleges we work with overseas are accredited and qualifications are accepted everywhere in the world and here in Kenya.

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For any inquiries feel free to speak to us by calling us during business hours.

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Get to visit our offices for any further queries and get assisted by one of our qualified counselors.

We’re glad you can now drop by and– let talk to our consultants about your higher education needs.
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