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Study In Austria

Study Abroad

Study In Austria

Austria is a small country which has unique charm making early visitor marvel at its beauty.


Why Austria

High standard of academic environment while studying there and open minded learning atmosphere.
Student centered learning.
One of most safest country in the world and Europe and you can enjoy high quality life
Rich in cultural diversity, with high multicultural environment for student to adjust fast and easy
Relatively low tuition fees charged and cost of living is cheaper with just 800-1200 euros/month while NON EU students pay tuition fee ranging roughly from 1450 euros/year to 6000 euro/year while private universities sets their own fee.
You can fulfill your active social life by visiting and exploring attraction tourists sites, museums, theatres, etc.
Students have the benefit of working while studying, you can work ON CAMPUS or get a work permit to secure a job to carter for different needs.
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