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Study In Poland

Studying in Poland may be the beginning of a fascinating journey and adventure of discoveries in Europe, being invited to study in Poland means you are invited along European union corridor


Why Poland

TRADITION: Poland hosts one of the oldest universities in the world, therefore you can feel the presence of fairy tales while there.
MODERNITY: the polish higher education system is developing rapidly, it holds 4th place in-terms of number of international students enrolled in studying abroad searching for higher.
Education, each year almost half a million start their career search in Poland colleges and universities. The polish university level school offer over 200high quality types of study as an integral part of the European higher education area most schools offer courses in foreign language.
BOLOGNA PROCESS: Poland plays an important role in the bologna process, owing to the introduction of three stages education model on Bachelor ,Masters, and Doctoral study as well as European credit transfer system, international students remain mobile and can continue their
Study elsewhere in the European Union, without any problem. Foreign students coming to Poland can expect the most attractive and diversified education opportunities meeting high European standards, their diploma are recognized worldwide.
HIGH QUALITY OF EDUCATION: polish higher education system are well developed, the quality of education is monitored and regularly evaluated they offer over 5000 courses, available in Poland and each of them has had to gain the polish accreditation committee approval.
COMPETITIVE COST OF LIVING AND STUDYING: Compare to other EU countries the tuition fees in Poland is really competitive and cheap which range roughly from 2000-6000 euro/year depending on the institution and study program. And Cheap place to live and study, student can get around with an average of 350-550 euro/month.
WORK DURING STUDIES: International students must demonstrate that they have sufficient means to cover their cost of living in Poland, some student combine study with work you can apply for the work permit, full time students do not need a work permit at all. You can work in summer jobs, you can work during academic year, or work after graduation.
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