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We have many reviews from our Students.

It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do has positively impacted our students and that they are happy to share their experience.

My country is Kenya that has beautiful scenaeries, exotic and rich in culture. Through Milestar i am now living and studying in Poland. After my studies i would like to work in the area of Business Management. So i am studying management because in the future i would like to know how to manage my own company.I will progress with my education to the PHD level but in different parts of the world.

Scholastica Namwai

Milestar enabled me to find and enroll to my dream course in Poland which is known in the world for educating good engineers.

Benson Kipruto

Through Milestar Global Placements i have come to widen my view, to meet new people and widen my social circle.

Cindy Jeyphrace

I had the pleasure of working with Milestar Global Placement,their passion for education development is evident to help others.

Saidi Saleh

Thank you Milestar for igniting my childhood dream to study in Austria. Studying abroad adds another level to your college experience. It takes you out of your element and places you in a place where you are less comfortable, enabling you to learn in a new way. I would describe it as exhilarating!Having graduated from The University of Nairobi, in Kenya. I was so fired up to further my Knowlege in Electrical and Electronic engineering. Milestar Global Placements made has made studying abroad appear as easy as pie. From visa applications to flight bookings, they made it quite simple.My Postgraduate education has been fun, to the extent that I wish I could have pursued my undergraduate Education Abroad.

Eng. Antonio Shem

I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet the full team of Milestar Global Placement! They are truly great, and do a great job in mentoring students to study abroad. They have informed me everything before hand, and made sure everything was done at the right time. My visa process would not have been so smooth if I didn’t go to Milestar Global Placement. I am very happy with the quality of assistance given by them. I highly recommend Milestar Global Placement to students, who are planning to study abroad.

Gloria Madidi from Rwanda

I would like to thank Gloria, who guided me throughout my visa process journey. In my opinion, her advice has been very helpful, timely and constructive. I would also like to thank the whole team of Milestar Global Placement who helped me with the desire to study abroad they were always there when I needed them. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have received my student visa for Poland within a short span of days. They made sure that no details were missed and would let me know when things had to be done.Milestar Global Placement team’s support, knowledge and understanding of the process and intricacies of the visa system made the process very smooth and straightforward which otherwise would have been very stressful. The service offered is without a doubt priceless and I would recommend anyone applying for a student visa to go through them to avoid unnecessary confusion and delays.

Tursah Chepchumba Towett

Poland |International relations
These two years in Poland have been the most important of my career to date. Thanks to Milestar Global Placement my experience has enriched me beyond what I believed possible. Poland is a place that is safe and multicultural, where people are respected and taken care of Studying in Poland provided me with many skills from an international perspective. Thanks to the high quality of education, I have been invited to speak at important conferences worldwide. Poland is a country where your voice is heard and your opinion counts.

Gladys Chepngeetich

Poland | Nursing
For me , studying Computer Science abroad in Canada allowed me to have a glimpse of the kind of future I might want to lead. I'm a more independent and happier person from the experience. I am very grateful to Milestar Global placements

Mohammud Yunnis Jama

Computer Science | Canada
Because of the opportunity to study abroad – thanks to the [Milestar Global Placement] – I was able to learn about many new and unique things that I would have never learned back home. It also makes me want to direct my wanderlust to other countries as well, to continue broadening and developing my own perspectives."

Cedric Chusa from Rwanda

Bachelor in International Business | Czech Republic
"Thanks to Milestar Global Placement studying abroad has impacted my life by widening my world view not only by getting to know people around UK but also by learning from other foreign students from around the world. I feel that by living and studying in this country has made me to gain a deeper understanding on how other languages are used. I think that studying abroad is a great way to experience a different world outside of your home and to know how much more there is to learn."

Yollanda Umwana

Studying abroad was our dream coming from a family of 6 children it was not easy for our parents to take the two of us to study abroad most university being expensive since me and my sister are twins and are inseparable we had experience challenge getting education within our budget.It was a dream come true when we were able to get a scholarship through Milestar Global Placements.we are both in one of the best university and studying computer engineering and my sister physiotherapy.we are highly recommending MGP as we call it.

Daisy Mutua and Mitchell Mutua

Born in Bulenga DRC Congo, as you can all relate Congo has painted its reputation in the Global Arena for its intermittent civil wars. Amid this chaos and pandemonium, I wasn't able to find peace of mind to study let alone settle. I contacted Milestar Global Placements on Facebook. They responded very quickly, called back and even organized Skype meeting. They got me a partial scholarship to USA. I will forever be indebted to Milestar

Florence Kamburuta Nsimire from DRC Congo

At first, I was extremely nervous about going abroad. But, it was such an important opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone. It put many things from my life in the States in perspective for me—relationships, careers, friendships. When I was abroad, I learned to go-with-the-flow more, which has truly made my post-abroad life easier.

Sandra Doris Aseka

The adventures you experience abroad, in a new environment, are reason enough to expand your studies overseas. I went bungee jumping, paragliding, I rode an ostrich, went shark cage diving, went on safaris in National Parks, surfing etc. I made countless friends from all over the world including Mozambique, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, as well as South Africa. Studying abroad was an experience that I've always looked forward to and can now always look back on with no regrets and only fond memories! I will definitely be back.

Viviarne Mizango

Germany| MBA
"Studying abroad has impacted my life by widening my world view not only by getting to know the Polish people but also by learning from other foreign students from around the world. I feel that by living and participating in Polish culture I gained a deeper understanding of how the Polish language is used. I think that studying abroad is a great way to experience a different world outside of your home and to know how much more there is to learn."

Shirleen Cherotich

"So many emotions bubbled inside me between the times from finding out my acceptance to study MBA program in Switzerland to actually landing in Zurich, Airport. There was nervousness, excitement, fear, and happiness." I am glad to be able to live my dream as I accomplish my long time goal and be able to advance my education.

Tony Kabutha

“Don’t worry about missing out on what is going on here in the Canada. It’s going to be happening for a long time, and you will be a part of it eventually. But for a semester, get out there and leave your comfort zone to experience freedom and independence that will make you realize how much beauty there really is in this world. Then bring that experience back to all your friends at home and let them be so jealous... Most of the times I have fun until I forget that I am an Architecture student.

Nyirimpeta Shema Placide from Rwanda

Canada, Bachelor in Architecture.
"I chose to study abroad because I wanted to travel around Europe, and this was the most affordable European program. I've traveled a lot, but never lived in another country, so the difference in resources took a bit of getting used to, but other than that, it just felt like a combination of moving into a new school dorm and going away for the week. I learned about how to live and cope in a culture that is different from my own, how to get by in a place where you don't speak the language, and how to simplify my language and use fewer culture-specific phrases. I also became self-aware of quirks in my own culture. I loved learning the perspectives of students from other countries, and hearing stories of where they came from. It's really neat to get to interact with people from all over the world. You also have the opportunity to travel on the weekends and see more of the world yourself."

Eric Korir

“ My favorite thing about study abroad was meeting people from every corner of the world with completely different cultures from my own. I literally have friends in every country who tell me to come visit them now. It makes traveling again much easier! It doesn't matter what you are going into, study abroad will make you stick out more than the average Joe. Going to college is all about making you more marketable to the field you want to go into. Studying abroad will expand that and open your eyes to endless possibilities of career options. Not to mention meeting some really great lifelong friends all over the world! “

Thomas Agasi McDermott

Sweden, Medicine
"The dual degree is a great opportunity for me. Moreover, because it is a great university, I am surrounded by many native speakers. This experience is great in order to improve another language and to get to know yourself better. I had never been to Europe before and I wanted this year to be an entirely new experience. I also heard many great recommendations from previous French students." And my best friend whom we now study,work and travel the I great full to the professional guidance I got from Milestar Global Placements.

Audrey Chepkirui Sigel

Poland Bachelor in Nursing
“Milestar Global Placements helped make my semester away from home one that I will always remember,The hospitality of the consultant professionalism and the detailed guidance they give.i had a swift transition once I landed in Austria and the career guidance I got for my course Computer Engineering and students in 🇦🇹 is something that will always stay with me."

Easther Undisa Timbwa

I decided to study abroad because there is a movement towards standardizing accounting methodology due to increased global business dealings and the needs of firms and corporations with a presence in foreign and domestic markets. Understanding the European perspective would be an asset to understanding international client needs. I would recommend study abroad to any student. In addition to the traditional single student, married couples and parents traveling alone (like myself) have successfully enjoyed and completed study abroad experiences. As an older student, I sought out working professionals in similar fields to my own, as my experience was one of professional and personal development.


"The prospect of living in a foreign country made me a little anxious, but Poland turned out to be an amazing experience. I am more confident and independent now than I ever was before going abroad. Having the experience of living in an apartment and having to buy food to cook my own meals, as well as walk to class and rely on public transportation for travel arrangements, forced me to find autonomy. My mother was able to visit and see this “new” life which I think helped. Although I think she missed me more than I missed home, she was always supportive and never more than a phone call away. Skype and Facebook also made it really easy to keep in touch and share experiences and photos. Thank you Milestar Global Placements for making me study MBA in Warsaw, Poland a dream come true.

Barron Mwachiro Kikwata

"Thank you Milestar Global Placements for granting me this amazing opportunity to Study Masters of Engineering in information technology in Finland.The most amazing thing about my time abroad is the incredible impact pushing past my comfort zone had on not only my personality, but my perception of the world and it's different cultures. I find myself understanding more about different cultures and people, and as a result have become more knowledgeable and understanding of people and their backgrounds. It was amazing to become fully immersed into a completely different culture - although it was at times confronting and confusing, I would not give up the experience for anything. I at first considered studying abroad in perhaps the UK or USA, but I think it is far more beneficial to really push your comforts, and try immersing yourself in a culture that you are completely unfamiliar with. Would do it all over again!"

John Adika Eshihunwa

Masters of Engineering in information technology | Finland
Milestar Global Placement is a wonderful agency and I had an excellent experience with them. Be it applying to the university or for the visa, the staff there helped me immensely in every step thoroughly. I would like to specially thank the staff at Milestar for the expert guidance and support she had rendered throughout the entire process. She was of great help whenever I had doubts regarding any of the processes and was someone I could call on anytime. I would gladly recommend the agency to my peers. Thank you, Milestar Global Placement!"


Masters in chemical engineering, Netherlands
At first, I was extremely nervous about going abroad. I’ve always been a bit of a control-freak and I knew that while studying abroad in The Netherlands and traveling throughout Europe there would be so much out of my control. But, it was such an important opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone. It put many things from my life in the States in perspective for me—relationships, careers, friendships. When I was abroad, I learned to go-with-the-flow more, which has truly made my post-abroad life easier. If you worry too much, you’ll miss out on the amazing sights and experiences. I’ve taken that mentality back home with me and it truly is the best souvenir.”

Claudia Sakova

"I struggled for almost 1 year in Rwanda and went to many consultants but I found none up to the mark. Finally, one of my friend who is in Australia referred me to Milestar Global Placement which is in Nairobi Kenya .it was hard at first since I was in Rwanda and the main office is in Nairobi Kenya I personally thought it was going to be hard I took a leap of faith as my friend and trusted the company to take care of everything all interview was conducted online while I was in my country it was a swift transition that I only came once for the visa interview .After days my visa was approved and now I get to travel all around Europe and study my master's in hospitality and tourism this is a dream come true. I am highly recommending Milestar Global Placements. Thank you Milestar Global Placement

Elly's Migambo

Masters in Hospitality & Tourism , Switzerland
I have gained an incredible sense of independence paired with an insatiable curiosity about the world that has resulted in me traveling regularly to new places in order to experience new cultures.Milestar study abroad services gave me the courage to finally choose what I truly loved as a career as opposed to sticking with something I felt obligated to do just because it was a safe career choice. It showed me that there are career opportunities abroad and it showed me how to best use my skills to develop a meaningful and happy career.

George Geoffrey Otundo

MBA| Netherlands
The prospect of living in a foreign country made me a little anxious, but Belgium turned out to be an amazing experience. I am more confident and independent now than I ever was before going abroad.

Amir Inyarubuga

Computer Science| Belgium
Through Milestar i was able to acquire study and work visa. I'm now living and studying in abroad which was my dream.

Grace Matu

Poland | Business Management
My experience in Poland is something I’ll never forget. Meeting so many people from all over the world, eating a variety of new foods, and seeing places that have been on my bucket list for years! I would advise others to explore all that they can, and never to be afraid to take the leap for something new!

Fiona Kaunda

Poland | Hospitality & Tourism Managament
Studying for a semester in Europe really changed me. I became more accepting and open to other cultures, I became more confident in myself, and I made so many good friends. I highly encourage other students to study abroad."

Flaury Bonnevientwari From Rwanda

Studying abroad adds another level to your college experience. It took me out of my element and placed me in a place where i was less comfortable at first, but positively It has enabled me to learn in a new way.Thanks to Milestar I was able to Experience other cultures around the world broaden my knowledge base and learning how to think and live differently.

Celestine Nbayambante From Rwanda

"In terms of academics, I really enjoyed the variety of courses offered and that I could specialize in the subjects that interested me the most. Compared to my home university, class sizes were smaller and lively interaction with both fellow students and teaching staff was much more common. I appreciated the way of teaching and learning a lot because assignments and exams throughout the term emphasized continuous learning as opposed to only studying directly before that 100% final exam at home.

Jean d'mour Burundi

Masters in Psychology France
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