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Work abroad offers an adventure and could be the life-changing experience one needs. Do you ever dream about working abroad? Well, you’re far from the only one! As a leading work abroad agency in Kenya, there are so many countless opportunities choosing to work abroad offers, how does one  know where to start? At Milestar Global Placements we provide expert advice, inspirational first-hand experiences, and practical resources for anyone wishing to explore the possibilities of living and working abroad.

Depending on your skills and track record, Companies are global and they are offering opportunities everywhere!  From volunteering, teaching worldwide,  Internships leading to careers and summer jobs, it’s never too late to make working abroad work for you!

Through each  work abroad experience, you are building a more impressive international resume while developing key networks and enriching your life. Surveys by business and academic organizations illustrate that working and living abroad increases your job possibilities and income over time. You can now enjoy the best of both worlds i.e traveling and earning money through our working  abroad opportunities that are readily available for you.

Choosing a work abroad program isn’t a hard nut to crack. As a work abroad agency in Kenya we have compiled this checklist just for you:

  • Deciding where to go.  Don’t let your experience (or lack thereof!) hold you back from your dream destination—choose a place that’s right for you or fits what you are looking for.
  • Pick your job. Reflect and decide on which  type of company or organization and what role within the institution would best fit you.
  • Choose from the best work abroad programs. We have counsellors who can guide you through our working abroad programs
  • Sort out your finances.
  • Get your Documentations in order. Ensure you have organized all your paperwork. For items such as visa applications and or flight bookings, let us handle that for you.

You’re now informed, so what’s stopping you? Get in touch with us today. Contact us

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